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Seattle Space Needle Penetrates DNA: New Year Vaccine Programming

 The following article examines the Seattle Space Needle and it's connection to the COVID-19 vaccine. Spiritual discretion is advised...

Seattle Space Needle Penetrates DNA During Virtual New Year's Celebration: Vaccine Programming

So, it took less than one minute into the New Year for the Luciferian elite to put a time stamp on their agenda for 2021. Forward to the fifty-eight second of the attached video and you'll see the Seattle Space "Needle" penetrating an illuminated human Double-Helix DNA genome strand. Outside of the double strand, twirling in sync, is another lighted single strand of Messenger RNA, embedded in the COVID-19 vaccine and injected by the "needle" which will merge with the Double-Helix DNA genome strand, creating a Trans-human hybrid, containing a Triple-Helix DNA genome strand

 Transhumanists are attempting to create an eternal, uniquely original, triple helix, DNA genome code strand. Adam and Eve were the first Trans-humans, displaying an external spirit and internal body, perfectly reflecting God's triple helix DNA genome code strand.

Fallen man carries a double helix DNA genome code strand, or two-thirds of The One. Six protons, six electrons and six neutrons....Six Six Six. God creates within a framework of three. When Adam and Eve fell, their triple-helix DNA code transmuted from three strands into two. One whole comprised of three became two-thirds of one… or sixty-six-point-six percent of one. Atain, Six, Six, Six. The number of a man. It’s the third strand of DNA code that enabled Adam and Eve to telepathically communicate with God and trans-relocate without the obstacle of time and space.

 RNA changes the nuclei of every cell in the human body, producing the double helix DNA. RNA changes the DNA of the host. That is what our God given RNA does normally. RNA produces the double helix DNA strand. A Messenger RNA or mRNA vaccine will have a sequence of nucleotides. These nucleotides form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA. a compound consisting of a nucleoside linked to a phosphate group. The mRNA vaccine will rearrange the human genome. the complete set of genes or genetic material present in every cell.

The nucleus is contained within the human cell. With the mRNA vaccine the RNA will be delivered to the cell via hydrogel Contained within the hydrogel are micro nano size magnetic particles which respond to magnetism, and a 5G magnetic signal, propelling the hydrogel, that carries the RNA. Thus providing the propulsion necessary to penetrate the cell membrane and move thru the cytoplasm liquid contained within the cell. The RNA contained within the hydrogel will then pierce the nucleus and begin to naturally replicate itself in a twisted strand of double helix DNA. But a DNA that is coated artificially. An RNA creation and rearrangement of nucleotides. Producing a DNA artificial sequence. All though the sequence is artificial, the coding is permanent.

 Messenger RNA is the first and only vaccine to create a process known as transinfection. Transinfection fundamentally changes the human DNA, into a hybrid. In other words, the unique vibrational frequency given to us by God will be systemically changed, and we’ll no longer reflect the image of God. At this point the option for salvation is nullified.

It appears the COVID-19 vaccine is the first attempt to create a Triple-Helix DNA utilizing the a single strand of synthetic RNA to cleave to the Double-Helix DNA, forming a third stand and replicating the process until the human becomes a Trans-human hybrid.

One thing the masses misunderstand about Luciferian's is their obligation to disclose the agenda according to the rules of the occultic esoteric religion. They believe non-disclosure is a violation of free will and will result in a spiritual backlash.  

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