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COVID-19 Vaccine Embedded In Chemtrail Smartdust

How a COVID-19 vaccine could be embedded in chemtrail smartdust and activated by 5G.

Today, as I looked up into the morning dawn, I could see the powers that be were once again littering the sky with trails of toxic garbage known as chemtrails.

For those of you uninitiated, contrails are ice crystals that form when a hot jet engine interacts with the freezing temperatures of high altitude flight and quickly dissipate. Conversely chemtrails are chemicals sprayed into the lower atmosphere from a jets holding tanks. Usually chemtrails contain aluminum, barium and strontium.

The theories vary widely as to the purpose of chemtrails. Some say it's to reflect the suns light and help prevent global warming. To others chemtrails act in concert with HARP to control the weather. However, most will deny their existence, and insist you seek a mental health provider. For this discussion I wish to purpose a possible, even darker agenda. And I don't have any definitive proof that what I'm about to share is the whole truth or even part. It was the apostle Paul who said we look in the mirror as a poor reflection.

Here's what I believe is happening..... Chemtrails, smart dust. nanobots, 5G and the COVID-19 vaccine are connected.

Smartdust is the embedded hidden ingredient in chemtrails. It is a system of many tiny micro-electromechanical (MEMS) nanobots or microscopic robots that can detect light, temperature, magnetism, chemicals and vibrations. These nanobots can be operated on a wireless Wi-Fi computer network and broadcast its unique radio-frequency identification.

The sixty-four thousand dollar question is, was Wuhan the beta test for smartdust activation via the 5G network? And is it any coincidence this 5G wave is known as a "V" wave? As in virus....

So can self replicating RNA contained within the vaccine can be activated by 5G waves stimulating dormant nanobots which were inhaled from the smartdust contained in the chemtrails, and now present in our bodies? In other words, can our bodies become internally digitized and be controlled remotely? Just imagine humans transformed into radio antennas.

To give credibility to the idea of vaccine via inhalation, a Nebraska virologist SHi-Hua Ziang is developing a COVID-19 vaccine that would be delivered directly to the respiratory tract as a nasal spray, prompting an immune response directly at the site where the virus is causing COVID-19.

And for those who don't opt for the vaccine injection or nasal spray is there is possible non-voluntary option of forced vaccination via smartdust contained within chemtrails?

 The end game for the Luciferian elite is to control the remaining serf class from a centralized Quantum Beast Computer. Web searches, contacts, social media, thoughts and emotions will be uploaded into a collective hive mind. Segmented algorithmic patterns will accurately predict future behavior. This will also supplant speech with organic telepathic communication. It will be a singular, collective, universal New World Order, spiritually plugged into Lucifer's matrix. Shared knowledge without individual thoughts or opinions. Uncritical conformity creating a technological singularity of collective intelligence. A seven year technocratic tribulation.

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