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The RNA Of COVID-19 Vaccine's Change DNA

Fragments of HIV-1 inserts are triggering the positive COVID-19 results. It is also causing the RNA of COVID-19 to produce new complementary, synthetic strands of DNA.

COVID-19 is a single strand of RNA virus. Because of it's single strand structure, SARS COV-2 RNA's could be reversed, transcribed and integrated (changing the DNA) into the human genome. HIV-1 insert fragments, not the entire HIV-1 genome are the agents which activate a process called enzyme intergrace.

Enzyme intergrace transports the messenger RNA into the nucleus of the human cell of DNA and integrates it into the human genome, causing a transcription of the integrated DNA. Permanently changing the DNA forever. Retroviral integrase is an enzyme produced by a retrovirus that links and changes the host DNA into a synthetic DNA. Turning the human DNA into a hybrid DNA.

Could it be, these synthetic copies of DNA are responsible for the positive PCR tests?

The process is known as Reversed Transcribed, the production of an identical copy of the original organic genome strand. A complete sequence of this new strand of DMA is know as Complementary DNA. .

Complementary DNA is synthesize from a single strand of RNA. At this point it's only a single strand of complementary DNA known as CDNA. When it transcribes again, it produces a second strand of complementary DNA. These two separate strands then merge into a double stranded helix DNA. In essence a section of the genome has its genetic sequence reversed through gene manipulation.

Any individual whose DNA is changed by this process will always test positive for COVID-19. Again, it is the HIV-1 inserts triggering the positive COVID-19 results. HIV is present to enhance the functionality of COVID-19.

The attached link from Anthony Patch explains in greater detail how the fragments of HIV-1 inserts are triggering the positive COVID-19 results.

An addition link for the article Mr. Patch references is also attached.. "SARS-CoV-2 RNA Reverse-Transcribed And Integrated Into The Human Genome"

Every human contains a scroll of DNA determining their physicality, intellect and emotions. Forty-six chromosomes from the father and mother form one individual set containing a double helix DNA genome code. This physical testimony and record of the parents’ lives has been passed down and preserved since the flood..

 Currently, man is infused with a double helix DNA molecule containing the chemical alphabet A, C, T, and G. In different combinations, these sentient building blocks provide the fuel to create, change, grow and reproduce. DNA is spiritual technology. Transforming dust into life. RNA is the invisible bond/glue which empowers DNA to upload its genetic code and form tangible matter, ultimately manifesting as biology in the third dimension of the first heaven. Ninety-five percent of the remaining DNA is invisible, hyper-dimensional shifting… portal technology.

So how does an mRA or Messenger RNA vaccine work? RNA changes the nuclei of every cell in the human body, producing the double helix DNA. RNA changes the DNA of the host. That is what our God given RNA does normally. RNA produces the double helix DNA strand. A Messenger RNA or mRNA vaccine will have a sequence of nucleotides. These nucleotides form the basic structural unit of nucleic acids such as DNA. a compound consisting of a nucleoside linked to a phosphate group. The mRNA vaccine will rearrange the human genome. the complete set of genes or genetic material present in every cell.

 Also, contributing to the vaccine delivery system is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who have funded an implantable biochip which can potentially deploy the mRNA vaccine as soon as 2021.

The chip and the vaccine are the resultant discovery made by then Harvard professor and future co-founder of Moderna, Derek Rossi in 2010. Rossi stated he found a way to reprogram mRNA, the molecule which give genetic instructions for cell development in the human body.

How it works... The nucleus is contained within the human cell. With the mRNA vaccine the RNA will be delivered to the cell via hydrogel Contained within the hydrogel are micro nano- size magnetic particles which respond to magnetism, and a 5G magnetic signal, propelling the hydrogel, that carries the RNA. Thus providing the propulsion necessary to penetrate the cell membrane and move thru the cytoplasm liquid contained within the cell. The RNA contained within the hydrogel will then pierce the nucleus and begin to naturally replicate itself in a twisted strand of double helix DNA. But a DNA that is coated artificially. An RNA creation and rearrangement of nucleotides. Producing a DNA artificial sequence. All though the sequence is artificial, the coding is permanent.  

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